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Lip Emphasizer 4 ml Kryolan en

Lip Emphasizer is a specially developed product for lips. It gives the lips more volume due to its unique formula. The ingredients activate the blood circulation and may be dependent on the consumer's lips swell slightly. The creamy, delicate texture gives the lips a very nice effect

18,00 EUR*

Thermo Wimpernformer en

To make your eyelashes in shape has never been easier and more perfect. This thermal eyelash curler heats up within seconds. The unique design prevents jamming and breaking the eyelashes and is an alternative to traditional eyelash curler. Give your lashes a long-lasting contoured shape - anytime, anywhere.

20,00 EUR*

Plastikum Skin 30 ml Kryolan

For leveling uneven skin error correction and scars.

13,20 EUR*

Eyebrow Forming Gel 5 ml en

Eyebrow gel form - Are unruly eyebrows, the necessary form  

11,60 EUR*

Make up Corrector

The Makeup Corrector is especially suitable for the eye and lip makeup. Small inaccuracies corrected easily .

9,95 EUR*

Eye Shadow Primer 15 ml Tube en

Apply a thin layer on the eyelid - covers spider veins and redness - better durability of eye shadow

16,80 EUR*

Invisible Matt Plus 30 ml en

Cream magainst the shiny skin - transparent In an unadorned face is Invisible Matt SPF Plus the perfect matting and is particularly aimed at highlighting the natural look. Invisisble Matt Plus SPF reduces the greasy and smooths the skin visible. Invisible Matt Plus SPF can also be used as a support for different make-up preparations. The durability of such a make-up can be enhanced by synergies. The incorporated sunscreens protect the skin from harmful UV-B rays.

15,50 EUR*

Sealer Fixierspray Pump Bottle 50ml

The Sealer shall each make up, and eye shadow, lipstick and a camouflage waterproof and smudge-resistant finish. Fatty Make up should first be powdered. - For professional use

12,80 EUR*

Anti-Shine 8 ml GRIMAS en

Matte Finish extremely fluid, is applied under or over the make-up to prevent unwanted shine. - Anti-shine skin

8,75 EUR*


The magic pen ! Brightens , covers fills . Simply insert into little wrinkles , Surplus lines blur , and actually work less deep!

9,50 EUR*


The T - Zone matting provides a balanced matte complexion . It is suitable for application under makeup as well as matting finish on the make up . Always super thin coat with a brush. Profi-Tipp: The T - Zone matting is another special product in our product line . It provides a matt finish out complexion . Only minimal applied to clean skin , it prevents fat from sustainably . Applied over the make up is the T - zone matting a soft matte finish .

25,00 EUR*


  For the wet look . Profi-Tipp: Bear on the final make - up with a little finger to Face Gloss cheekbone and eyebrow arch . Well as fixation for glitter optimal .  

9,50 EUR*


  A very special formula that the skin ( especially the more mature skin ) appear to be very soft and supple . Ultra-light reflector . Super as a basis for the make -up , because the surface appears smooth and even. Ideal for all skin types. SPF20 Pro fi Tipp : Apply thin before any make- up , of course, no make - up of simply using pure , high sun protection factor of 20  

25,00 EUR*


  Liquid lashes amplifier , even with contact lenses . Profi-Tipp: Before brushing mascara a layer thicker. Possibly to enhance the effect , repeat once more . Then mascara the lashes several times .  

11,50 EUR*


  Volume Mascara in jet black filled , the strength of eyelashes and eyelash length to optimal , without sticking , nourishing substances protect the lashes to remove easily soluble in water . Profi-Tipp: The situation by Lash Thickener you will get an even stronger volume effect  

15,00 EUR*


  "2 in 1 " product that fixes the eye shadow and cover the same redness and spots on top of the lid . Profi-Tipp: Thins with tear sponge incorporated by block 40 .  

15,00 EUR*


From UV - resistant plastic . Size : 23 x 6 x 10.5 cm Bag with zipper

9,00 EUR*


From UV - resistant plastic . Size : 28 x 16 x 6cm Zippered pocket - ideal as a pocket brush

11,00 EUR*

Brow Set en

This strong firming gel brings eyebrows in the best shape. The clear gel is very thinly brushed with the eyelashes spiral in the eyebrows. Content: 8.5 ml

9,00 EUR*

Fixierspray Kryolan en

Fixing is a particular cosmetic composition which is applied over the make-up. Setting Spray creates an invisible protective film , thus extending the life of the make -up effect . Fixing Spray is particularly effective for body painting with Aquacolor and other wet makeup .

22,80 EUR*
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