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Concealer Palette

Concealer Palette

Maskada Camouflage palette 1

Basic range with camouflage makeup - 15 gr - Professional Make up

20,60 EUR*

Maskada Camouflage Neutralizer Palette 2

Basic Palette - 15 gr - The five main Neutralizer in a palette: "brighteners - greenish - yellow color - orange - Pleasantly creamy consistency highly pigmented -

20,60 EUR*

Camouflage Make up Quintett 1 en

15 gr - Quintet t palette The Camouflagepalette for light and medium skin . This concealer normal skin problems can be covered quickly . Targeted punctual application is carried out with the accompanying Camouflagepinsel . After applying the cream you are working with the fingertip to dabbing .

25,00 EUR*

Camouflage Make up Quintett 3 en

15 gr - Dermacolor Quintet palette The range of Kryolan equipped concealer for transferring makeup of purple skin discoloration . With this makeup , you can cover a purple tattoo , dark circles , bruises , eye shadow , acne scars . The creamy consistency and high pigment content makes Dermacolor to a professional product .

25,00 EUR*

Ben Nye Creme Highlight Wheel 14 gr en

Contains notes for brightening, leveling of wrinkles. Camouflage Makeup Ben Nye

19,60 EUR*

Creme Shadow Wheel 14 gr en

Contains notes in the beauty field to shade, clay modeling.

19,60 EUR*

Concealer Palette 12 Color 84 gr

This collection is known Concealer Make up (camouflage) to neutralize and draping of skin abnormalities . This makeup is highly pigmented and can be easy to apply. Application: The Neutralizer be applied before or after the Foundation. Apply the camouflage with a brush or sponge and powdering before a foundation is applied. For severe skin changes and tatoos two or more layers of concealer apply. 

69,80 EUR*

Total Conceal-All Whell II 28 gr en

This palette contains all the important colors as the basis for any make-up artists. Camouflage Make-up

49,60 EUR*

Total Cover-All Whell 100 en

The main colors in a pot as a basic range of daily work. Camouflage Makeup Ben Nye

49,60 EUR*

Camouflage Makeup 12 Colors Palette - CH

Covering make-up palette The palette includes 12 Colors each with 2,5ml

49,50 EUR*

HD Concealers & Adjusters Palette en 42 gr

Whatever the task is to Ben Nye is the full range Reliance that any improvement in skin tone feasible. Smooth, micro-blended Formula for maximum transparency. The most important 18 tones in a palette.

105,20 EUR*

Camouflage Make-up 12 Colors Palette CB

Covering make-up palette The palette includes 12 colors each with 2,5ml

49,50 EUR*

Camouflage Make-up 24 Colors Palette - CK

C overing make-up palette The palette includes 24 colors each with 2,5ml

95,00 EUR*

Spatula en

for mixing Camouflage Make up

1,00 EUR*

Camouflage Make up Quintett 2 en

15 gr - Quintet palette Dermacolor With different medium skin tones this Kryolan is stocked palette . For an exact adjustment with skin colors can be mixed together . This concealer can cover light and strong skin discoloration .

25,00 EUR*

Camouflage Make up Quintett 4 en

15 gr - quintet range of Dermacolor In mild and strong red discoloration of the skin , this range is recommended primarily . The Green Toner serves to neutralize intense redness . When birthmark , Rosacea , facial redness in the inflamed pimples , blemishes and red veins . Economical enter the green color on the skin site and make-up afterwards with a skin tone about it . Apply the cream to dabbing .

25,00 EUR*

Camouflage Make up Quintett 5 en

15 gr - Quintet palette A range of Kryolan equipped with camouflage for strong red skin discoloration . A rosacea makeup with which you can cover redness , pimples, acne .  

25,00 EUR*

Camouflage Quintett 6 en

15 gr - Dermacolor Camouflage Palette The range includes the concealer with five major color for dark skin . The makeup colors can be mixed together to get the right skin tone . A concealing makeup with dark spots and other pigmentation disorders . The practical makeup palette is loaded with a Camouflagepinsel .

25,00 EUR*
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