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Halloween makeup

Halloween makeup

Cake Makeup 35 gr tin en

Picture size and color on "Detail" button Base can be easily applied, damp sponge / dry / Especially suitable for black and white photo, Knecht Ruprecht, ballet, theater, musicals of all kinds - make up show / Great for face painting and body painting.

12,95 EUR*

BEN NYE Color Cake Make-up 28gr tin

Picture size and color on "Detail" button Ideal for face and body. This make up is applied with a damp sponge. The Cake make-up's are found dead, preferably oily and sensitive skin, and keeps you in extreme conditions, such as sweating, such as sports dance, photography, stage shows and animation. The perfect stage make-up

19,90 EUR*

Cream Make- up

Picture size and color on "Detail" button Grimas cream make-up is produced in wax-and oil-like basis to present. Ideal for up artists to the area Karakterer. - 15ml pot -

from 6,95 EUR*

Halloween Water makeup - 15 ml - en

Picture size and color on "Detail" button Is precisely processed as Watercolor / Dries and rubs little from / colors can be mixed / Can be easily removed

from 5,90 EUR*
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