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Glim Glitzer

Glim Glitzer

Glitter gloss mica powder for face painting and theater stage

6,90 EUR*

Hologram Glitzer

Silver - 30 ml bottle reflected in the colors of the rainbow

12,00 EUR*

Aqua Glitzer 25 ml bottle with brush

Polyester Glitter in a special skin glue mixed. Can be of any make-up `s stay intact without leave or join it - Mica Glitter   AU-1 gold -  AU-2 silver - AU-3 red - AU-4 blue - AU-6  green - AU-7purple - AU9 hologram  - AU-10 copper

9,60 EUR*

Polyester Glitzer loose 5 ml

Picture size and color on "Detail" button 8 ml tin  - Glimmer - Glitter

3,20 EUR*

Polyester Glitzer loose 25 ml

Picture size and color on "Detail" button 25 ml tin - Glimmer - Glitter

8,60 EUR*

Polyester Glitzer - en

Picture size and color on "Detail" button 30 ml bottle

10,00 EUR*

Tipcreme 8ml

Grimas Tipcrème is a clear, glossy polyethylene glitter providing a quick-drying and easily washable gel texture. It is for instance used for face-painting. Contrary to what the name 'crème' might suggest, the gel does not contain oils or waxes. Tipcrème comes in an 8ml tube. Tipcrème is available in a variety of colours.  

4,95 EUR*
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